Get up close to some of the Worlds most deadly Snakes

Get up close to some of the World’s most deadly snakes

During your journey through the award-winning Symbio Reptile House you will come face-to-face to some of the worlds deadliest Snakes such as the infamous Inland Taipan, Tiger Snake, Death Adder, Red-Belly Black Snake and you guessed it, they’re all from Australia.

If deadly Snakes aren’t your flavour, you can meet Freshwater Crocodiles, American Alligators, pythons, frogs, turtles and even Australia’s favourite lizards: the Blue-Tongue Skink, Frilled Dragon, Shingle Back, Bearded Dragon, plus many more.

Each enclosure within the house is specially designed to mimic the natural landscape in which they can be found in the wild. From sculpted rock, through to amazing hand painted backdrops, it is truly one of the worlds best reptile houses and a standard attraction for Symbio and reptile-lovers everywhere.

Each and every day you can attend the Reptile Show, where you have the opportunity to not only learn more about these amazing creatures, but if you are brave enough you can pay to hold a large snake or even an alligator for a Happy Snap opportunity.

The Reptile House is living and breathing sustainable construction which generates enough solar energy to power itself and have some spare to put back into the grid, and the multiple rain water catchment tanks provide enough water to cater for all the enclosures along with all the surrounding landscaped gardens which surround it.

World's Deadliest Snakes


Come face-to-face with some of the worlds deadliest such as the infamous Inland Taipan, Tiger Snake, Death Adder, Red-Belly Black Snake, along with some cool Australian Pythons.

Each and every day you can have the opportunity to hold a large snake for an awesome photo opportunity after the reptile show when we do happy snaps.

Hold a snake at Symbio
Australia's favourite lizards


The Reptile House homes some of the most iconic Australian Lizards there are. You will get to see unique and famous species such as the Blue-Tongued Skink, Frilled Dragon, Shingleback, Bearded Dragon plus many more.

We even house one of the only venous lizards in the world, the Gila Monster, native to the USA.

Each day during our reptile presentation, live roving animals and Aussie animal interactions you will be able to get up close to many of these lizards as part of the standard Symbio experience.

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Smile at a Crocodile and Alligator

Crocodile and Alligator

Ever fancied meeting a crocodile or an alligator up close? If so, you’re in luck as not only can you meet these animals in the reptile house and be just inches away from them for a really close look, you can also hold an Alligator after our daily Reptile Presentation when the Happy Snaps session begins.

During the warmer Summer months, you can also attend our Crocodile feeding presentation which occurs in our larger outdoor exhibit.

Hold an alligator

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