Stage 1-3 (years K-6) 


Student outcomes 

Growth and Development GDS1,2,3 

Interpersonal Relationships IRS1,2,3 


All living beings are part of family and community structures. Bullying doesn’t just occur in the human race it has long been around in the animal kingdom.

This excursion looks at animals such as Leo the Albino Echidna at Symbio and how he would struggle in the wild. His fellow Echidna friends would see that he looked different and therefore treat him differently.

This excursion really makes it easy to understand that Bullying can hurt other people’s feelings. On a guided tour using native & exotic animals as examples students will observe major themes from Community Structure, Interpersonal Relationships to Bullying and Harassment in a non-threatening, fun and interactive way.

This exciting program highlights the importance of fairness and how we should treat each other with Justice, Integrity and Equality.

Content Focus
Key inquiry questions answered

  • Identify the effects of bullying.
  • Demonstrate the capacity to deal with unsafe situations including abuse, bullying and harassment.
  • Shares ideas, feelings and opinions with others about issues such as bullying
  • Analyses the effects of actions that enhance or disrupt relationships, eg bullying
  • Recognises behaviours that are threatening, such as bullying,
  • Interpersonal Relationships – Bullying & Harassment

Excursion includes:

• GoPro Video of excursion
• Photo Poster of your class
• Completed risk assessment

Price: $20.00 per student Plus GST

(GST can be claimed back in its entirety)
– Price excludes Transport
– Minimum Charge of x25 Students

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