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Happiness Goals!

Happiness Goals – Meeting a Koala and Kangaroos for the first time takes happiness to a whole new level! ūüėÉ

Posted by Symbio Wildlife Park on Monday, 10 April 2017

Get up close and personal with all the Australian favourite native animals. Our trained Zoo Keeper will take you on the Ultimate Aussie adventure as you get up close and personal with Koalas, Kangaroos, Wombats, Echidnas and even a Dingo.

KOALA¬†EXPERIENCE –¬†‚Ä®Get up close and personal with Australia’s favourite and one of the worlds most love animal, the Koala.¬†During your experience the Zoo Keeper will get you up close and personal with our koalas where you can cuddle¬†up into a Koala, hand feed them fresh eucalyptus leaves and pat them. Although you can’t hold a Koala in NSW we will endeavour to give the closest experience with a Koala available in Sydney.

KANGAROO¬†EXPERIENCE –¬†‚Ä®Get up close and personal with Australia’s most iconic animal the Kangaroo. You will be given special feeding pellets and the Keeper will entice all the Kangaroos to come in close¬†and interact with you. You can roll around on the grass, pat and cuddle up next to all our Kangaroos and is one of very few places in Sydney where you can feed and pat Kangaroos.

DINGO¬†EXPERIENCE¬†–¬†‚Ä®Get up close and personal with the iconic Australian Dingo as they change your perspective on just how affectionate Australian wildlife can be and break the stereotype of past stories.¬†During your experience the Zoo Keeper will have you¬†interact with our Dingoes¬†and maybe even go¬†for a walk around the zoo with them as they show their truly amazing personalities.

ECHIDNA¬†EXPERIENCE –¬†‚Ä®Get up close and personal with the charismatic Leo, our Albino echidna. Leo came to us as an orphaned puggle and was hand raised here at Symbio Zoo where he has become a well known and well loved member of the Symbio family.

WOMBAT¬†–¬†Get up close and personal with Millie, our resident wombat, as you hand feed her and get some of the cutest selfies ever.

PRICE: $200.00 per person (plus admission fee)

LIMIT: Up to 2 people per encounter

AGE LIMIT: 12 years minimum

– 11:30am Weekdays
– 12.30pm Weekends/Public Holidays/School Holidays

To book your Aussie Zoom Tour Experience today call us on (02) 4294 1244

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