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Breakfast with Millie the Wombat

Move over breakfast at Tiffany’s, I think everyone would agree that they would much prefer to have breakfast at Millie’s.

Millie, is the super cute and ridiculously cheeky wombat who resides at the Symbio Wildlife Park, located in Southern outskirts of Sydney suburb, Helensburgh and has once again shown she has all the making of an international superstar.

The 4 year old loves nothing more than going for a morning run around the Kangaroo sanctuary with her keeper “Tami Wilson”, eating deliciously fresh sweet potato and of course keeper tiggles and cuddles.

Weighing in at a stocky 20kgs, Millie is definitely not a light weight, but don’t let that fool you into thinking she may be a little sluggish on her all fours, as wombats can actually reach speeds in excess of 40kmph and can maintain this speed for unto 90 seconds.

Millie, like all wombats, have what can only be described as buns of steel, as they have a backside which is made of toughened cartilage, and when threatened retreat to their burrows using they backside to block the entrance and protect themselves from predators.

But enough about all the scientific and fun wombat facts, how cute is she in the video as the morning sun catches her fur, and the way she waddles towards the camera!