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Cheetahs arrive to Symbio

Cheetahs arrive to Symbio

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The team here at Symbio are ecstatic to announce that the much anticipated arrival of two male cheetah’s is over. The pair have now joined the ever growing family of exotic and Australian native animals at Symbio. To date the Symbio family already includes Sumatran tigers, red pandas, meerkats, monkeys, ring-tailed lemurs, koalas, kangaroos, wombats, echidnas, emu’s, reptiles and the list goes on.

In one of the biggest developments in the family owned and operated zoo’s history, the Cheetah Savannah which has been over 12 months in the making is the perfect setting to house the world’s fastest land animal and provides a backdrop as close to their natural environment as possible.

The Cheetah’s, named Boo and Lion, ventured all the way from Orana Wildlife Trust in New Zealand as part of a larger over-arching captive management program which aims to ensure the survival of threatened and endangered species through both breeding and education.

On speaking to the General Manager, Matt Radnidge “We chose to become involved in the cheetah management program as it closely aligns with our mission, Education – Inspiration – Conservation, the Cheetah is declining rapidly in the wild and we feel that by preserving the cheetah, and educating the public on them, it will give cheetahs the best chance of long term survival.”

“We feel very privileged to be involved in the education and preservation of cheetahs, they are stunning animals and it is such a shame that they are under so much threat in their natural habitat. Both of the boys have settled in really well.”

Cheetah’s can accelerate from 0-100kms in just 3 seconds, and boast a top speed of unto 113km/h use speed as opposed to brute strength to catch their prey in wild. To put their speed into perspective, this can acceleration is comparative to that of a Ferrari or Porche 911 Turbo. At speeds this fast, their tails play a vital role to work as rudders to help steer them, whilst their golden coat with black spots aid in camouflaging them into the grassy habitat they call home.

The boys are already showing their own distinct personalities and fondness towards the staff at Symbio with Boo being very affectionate and relaxed, whilst Lion is far more alert and active. The two will definitely be a big drawcard for people of all ages and can be seen every day of the week. Hopefully one day in the future each will be paired with a breeding female to have their own youngsters.