“Symbio is proud to have so many
conservation partners helping us achieve our vision”

In working towards saving so many threatened and endangered species from the brink of extinction through our captive management breeding programs it is so vital that we have supportive conservation partners helping us along the way.

The partnering of our conservation partners not only helps secure the fate of so many species, but also, as in the case of Tradies clubs, allows us to give back to the community through having facilities such as the Tradies Club co-funded Symbio Farmyard.

The Symbio Farmyard gives people of all ages an opportunity to get up close and personal with our Farmyard friends and have a little taste of Farmyard life in Suburbia.

Symbio are also working in partnership with multiple government groups in vital breeding programs to secure the fate of our endemic species, and although these projects are on display for the public to see, form an integral part in our journey of saving species for future generations.

Symbio Farmyard

Tradies Partnership

Local Tradies Club were instrumental in helping us achieve the success behind the construction of the very popular Symbio Farmyard.

Through a very generous community grant from Tradies, and the vision of Symbio’s own John and Matt Radnidge, the Farmyard, which back in the 80’s and 90’s was Symbio’s most popular experience, was resurrected and the end product is regarded as one of, if not the best Farmyard precincts of any Zoo or Wildlife Park in the country.

Tradies Club is located locally here at Helensburgh, along with multiple additional venues throughout the Southern Sydney region.

Saving Australia's Wildlife Park

Aussie Ark

Symbio is proud to be working with the Aussie Ark in partnership to help raise funds for their vital work in saving many of Australia’s endemic species from the brink of extinction, through fundraising and support.

Aussie Ark is an innovative conservation initiative committed to delivering results for some of Australia’s most imperiled species. The vision of Aussie Ark is to establish a robust insurance population of 7 Australian threatened, native mammal species such as the Tasmanian Devil, Eastern Quoll and Long-nosed Potoroo, suitable for semi-wild release into large, predator proof fenced release sites in the Barrington Tops, for eventual reintroduction to the wild.

Funnel Web Spider Drop Off Point

Australian Reptile Park

Symbio works closely with the Australian Reptile by being one of Southern Sydney’s drop off locations for the Sydney Funnel Web Spider collection.

The work they do in their Antivenin Program has helped save an estimated 1500 people since 1981, and there has not been one fatality from a Funnel Web Spider since 1986.

People are encouraged to safely bring any suspected Funnel Web Spider they find in their backyard to Symbio, where the Australian Reptile Park will collect and take back to form part of their program.

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Saving money to save wildlife

Illawarra Credit Union

Symbio has partnered with the Illawarra Credit to create the Wildlife Saver Account.

The Wildlife Saver Account allows children to save whilst also saving wildlife and with every dollar they deposit the Illawarra Credit will donate on the child’s behalf funds towards Symbio’s many conservation effort.

Children also receive an Illawarra Credit Union eco-friendly pencil case packed with bamboo stationary and now that they are a Wildlife Warriors they also receive one FREE entry to Symbio Wildlife Park, plus a bag of Symbio goodies.

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