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Imogen celebrates Valentines and owns it…

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It’s undeniable that little Imogen, isn’t short of admirers, with people from around the globe having fallen in love with her. So to celebrate her first ever Valentine’s Day, keepers at Symbio Wildlife Park, on behalf of all her adoring fans, and of course themselves, decided to mark the most romantic day in the calendar year by presenting her with a gorgeous bouquet of freshly picked Australian native flowers, mixed with the freshest of eucalyptus leaves.

As is visible by the video, the gorgeous girl was definitely taken by the gesture and even climbed down to give Native Keeper, Phoebe Hodge, a cuddle, as if to say “thank you” for the gift.

Imogen, who is now 15months old, has now well and truly settled into her luxurious home amongst the gumtrees in the Symbio Koala Sanctuary, and can be seen every day of the week at her Southern outskirts of Sydney home in Helensburgh.