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Koala Joey - Cutest ever video

Could this video be the cutest koala baby video ever captured? I think so!

Koala Joey Meets Her Mum For The First Time

What’s cuter than a baby koala? A koala baby meeting her mum for the first.

How lucky were we to be on hand to film this amazing footage of our new arrival here at Symbio meeting her mum for the very first time.

As you can tell she sure is a cutie, and how good is her mum! so loving, and doting on her like a human would dote over their baby.


Keepers had been keeping a keen eye on the mother for weeks now, waiting to be able to capture the first real interactions between mum and bubs. And we can safely say that it was well worth the wait.

As is visible by the video, it is nothing short of amazing and just like their human counterparts, it is undeniable as to the affection that every baby has for their mum.

For five minutes mums and bubs, were seen affectionately nuzzling and snuggling into one another, with the joey proving she really is a Symbio girl, and like all their other animals from the family owned and operated zoo, was definitely not camera shy.

Before retreating back into the warmth of mums pouch for the night, she done the cutest little yawn, a few extended winks and nuzzled mum one more time.

The social media team at Tourism Australia were the first to showcase the video, posting it to their social media streams on this morning (Saturday 6/6/2015).

At the time of writing this release, the video, after just 4 hrs, had already received 380,000 views, 33,000 likes and 18,000 shares on their facebook page.
General Manager for Symbio, Matt Radnidge said “successful breeding is just one of the many ways, we can measure the well being of our animals, so understandably, we are thrilled to see how much our koalas have settled into and love their new sanctuary”.

Proof really is in the pudding, as Symbio also have another expected joey due to make its own appearance any day now and in time to meet its new fans over the July School Holidays.

So if your looking to get up close and personal with koalas in Sydney, feed and pat Kangaroos, or looking for What’s on in Wollongong these July school holidays, then come out to Symbio Wildlife park and you may be lucky enough to see this cutie for your yourself.