Hey , it’s ‘Lion’ the Cheetah here!

Thanks so much for the amazing letter you wrote me and for saying you think I am ‘. Your letter was so nice it made my heart smile.

Now that I can say I have a new friend named ‘{Your First Name:5}’, I am feeling so happy and am going to run as fast as I can to go and tell everyone about it. Not to brag, but did you know that I am world’s fastest animal and can reach speeds of over 100kms in under 3 seconds? That makes me as a quick as an expensive sports car. Vroom, Vroom :-). I run so fast that I need to use my tail just so I can steer where I am going.

I really hope the sun is shining and you’re having a great day in , learning, playing, and getting lots of cuddles from your family. Right now, as I am writing this letter, I am relaxing in my favourite spot, soaking up the sunshine and will soon and going to be eating some delicious steaks the Zookeepers brought me.

Because we are now great friends, do you think you would be able to draw a picture of me running really fast towards a rainbow, or even a picture of you and me together? That would be amazing and you could hang it above your bed or on your fridge at home.

Do you want to know why I was named ‘Lion’? When I was a little cub, I was raised by Zookeepers in New Zealand. New Zealand is just across the ocean from here in Australia. They were waiting for me to find my forever home, so started calling me after the picture of a Lion that was on my baby bottle. My brother had Casper the Ghost on his, so he was called Boo. After a while the names just stuck, so I was called ‘Lion’ and my Brother ‘Boo’.

It’s funny when the Zookeepers are talking about me though, as people think they are going to see a big African Lion with a fluffy mane, and then they see me, a Cheetah, and are always surprised.

Over the coming weeks my favourite Zookeepers will be making heaps of fun videos, have some really cool competitions and my favourite – lots of games you can play. They said everything will be posted onto our Facebook Page and they are even going to be doing live videos so you can ask questions, watch me play, being fed and learn all about me and my friends.

Stay speedy and am sending all my love from here at Symbio Wildlife Park, Australia

Lion ‘the Cheetah’ xoxoxox

Visit our Facebook page to find some really fun videos of my friends and I
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My Cheetah Fun Facts

  • I am the fastest runner in the world and can reach speeds of up to 112 km per hour in just 3 seconds.
  • Because I run so fast I have to use my long tail to help steer. Much like a rudder on a sailing boat.
  • I can only run at my top speed for a few hundred metres because I get tired when going as fast as I can, just like you.
  • My spots help me camouflage in the wild, and it is really hard to see me when I am surrounded by the African Savannah
  • The tear drops under my eyes help reduce the glare from the harsh sun, so I can see better – and boy do I have great eyesight.
  • I only eat meat and my favourite foods are; springboks, gazelles and birds.
  • In the wild my relatives only hunt during the day. This is because at night time they would have to compete against larger and angrier Lions and Hyenas.
  • Although I may not be able to climb as good as a cat you may have at home, I can still climb to lower branches to rest, look for food and predators and also eat.
  • Sadly, there are only about 12,000 Cheetahs like me left in the world, so we are classified as vulnerable.

to find some fun videos of me and my friends, or you could just click on the fun video of me celebrating my birthday below.


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