Hey , it’s ‘Imogen’ the Koala here.

Thanks for writing me such an amazing letter and for saying you think I am ‘‘.

It makes me the happiest Koala in the world knowing you’re thinking about me. All of my friends are going to be so jealous when I tell them I now have a brand-new friend called .

Hope you’re having the best day in and having fun spending lots of time with your family.

My favourite game to play is ‘trick-the-dingoes’. We drop gum nuts onto their heads and they never know where it is coming from and look around all confused. It’s so funny. This week, I have been hanging out here in the Koala sanctuary with my friends Willow, Ellie and little baby Johnny. Well he’s not so much a baby now as he is one year old, but he is so cute and tiny.

They are so much fun to have around, and at feed time we all jump between the branches to see who can get the tastiest leaves first. Ellie is the first to climb down on the ground and run over to the Zoo Keepers for cuddles where I prefer to relax and look super cute so they come to me to give me belly rubs, cuddles and ear scratches. Belly rubs are the best and they always make me sleepy and I end up falling asleep in the branches.

I love to sleep. We sleep about 18-20 hours a day, though when that dinner bell rings, I am up like lightning and ready to eat. Speaking of sleep, I think it’s about time to go and have another snooze now Zzzzzzzzz. I wish with all my heart that you have the best week and that we can meet one day soon.

Just to let you in on a very special secret, the Zookeepers will be making heaps of fun videos, have some cool competitions and my favourite – lots of games you can play. They said everything will be posted by them onto our Facebook Page and they are even going to be doing live videos so you can ask questions, watch me play, being fed and learn all about me and my friends.

Sending you all of my love from here in my tree at Symbio Wildlife Park, Australia

‘Imogen’ the Koala xoxoxox

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My Koala Fun Facts
  • I have three fingers and two thumbs, which help give me a┬ástronger grip when climbing and reaching out for all those branches.
  • My second and third fingers on my hind paw are fused together, forming a double claw. I use these for grooming, scratching and removing ticks.
  • My fur is really thick and woolly and it works like a raincoat to keep me dry when it rains, but also to protects me when it is either really hot or cold.
  • I love my sleep and I can sleep between 18-20 hours in a day
  • The only food I ever eat is eucalyptus leaves, but out of the 600 or so species of Eucalyptus trees, there are only a few that I really find tasty.
  • When I was born I was the size of a Jelly Bean and had to crawl all the way into mums pouch and I stayed there until I was big enough to venture out.
  • The only place you can find Koalas like me in the wild is the eucalyptus forests here in Australia.
  • When the boy Koalas like a girl they make a funny sound which sounds a bit like a burp crossed with them passing wind. It is so funny.
  • Depending on which part of the East Coast of Australia a Koala is from, their colours, size and fur thickness is different due to adapting to their environments and the temperatures.

Click on the video below to watch my adorable home video.


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