Hey , it’s
‘Fynn’ the Meerkat here.

Thanks so much for the amazing letter you wrote me and for saying you think I am ‘ and like me, playing lots of games and spending time with your family.

Today one of the wonderful Zookeepers made some fun games for us out of boxes and coloured balls. She cut holes in some of the boxes for my brothers, sisters and I to use as cubby houses, and in one box it was filled with lots coloured plastic balls. We bounced in and out of them for ages.

The bonus was that Keeper put lots of yummy treats inside the box for us to find. After that we all started digging holes to see who could dig the deepest, I didn’t win, but that’s OK as I still had a lot of fun and my brothers and sisters are a little older than me anyway.

Zookeeper Beth always says to me that I am the most fun little Meerkat she knows, as I am always trying to climb up onto her head to be the tallest Meerkat there is and be silly for attention. Whenever we do behind-the-scenes experiences with visitors, I find that people always feed me that little bit extra because I am so cute and playful.

My favourite food is meal worms, although every now and then we get a watermelon brought in as a treat. You should see how quickly we eat it up. It gets a bit messy and sticky, but it is just so delicious. We are lucky like that as we always play lots of games and get some really yummy food.

I have a great idea, maybe you could try and make some fun games of your own. Or maybe you could pretend to be a Meerkat like me?

Have you ever made your own treasure hunt? You could try to make one by drawing a treasure map of your home, with the treasure being a really yummy treat. Then give it to someone in your family to try and find it.

For a bit of fun over the coming months my amazing Zookeepers will be making heaps of fun videos, have some really cool competitions and my favourite – lots of games you can play. They said everything will be posted onto our Facebook Page and they are even going to be doing live videos, so you can ask questions, watch me play and being fed and learn all about my friends and I.

In the meanwhile, I will keep my eyes open and try and find a four leaf clover, and when I do I will be wishing you have the most amazing week ever.

Stay safe, and sending all my love from here at Symbio Wildlife Park, Australia

Fynn ‘the Meerkat’ xoxoxox.

Visit our Facebook page to find some really fun videos of my friends and I
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My Meerkat Fun Facts

  • My family group is called a mob and some families can be up to 50 Meerkats
  • One of my family is always on top of the highest rock or log to keep an eye out to make sure we are safe. This is called being on sentry duty
  • In the wild we eat scorpions, that’s cool isn’t it! We are immune to scorpion venom and can tolerate up to six times the amount of snake venom that would kill a rabbit.
  • We dig burrows as they are good for protection and help us to keep cool from the hot sun.
  • When it is cold, it is not unusual to see us all pile on top of each other to get warm
  • We have a third eyelid which protects our eyes from sand and dust when digging and in the desert
  • The dark patches around our eyes helps stop the glare from the harsh desert sun
  • We have a lot of different sounds, from chirping to a few that sound like a small dog barking
  • Here at Symbio you can get behind-the-scenes to help feed me and my family.

Click the video below to watch the cutest video ever!


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