Hey , it’s ‘Millie’ the Wombat here.

Thanks so much for the amazing letter you wrote me and for saying you think I am ‘‘.

I hope you’re having a great day in and spending lots of time with your family coming up with lots of new games to play. My favourite game to play is chasing Zookeepers. I act all adorable and sweet then without notice, I start running after them. Their faces when I start chasing are priceless. I also love my sleep and will only usually be active through the day around feeding time in the mornings and late afternoons.

What the Zookeepers don’t see though is just how active I am at night. I get up to a lot of mischief, I guess you could call me a night owl.

My other favourite things to do are digging holes and seeing if I can find buried treasures. I also love playing in leaves when they fall off the trees just before Wintertime.

You know a fun activity we could do together? If you get a piece of paper and a crayon, you can press the paper against leaves and trees, and colour on the paper with your crayon to see all their patterns come through. It makes really pretty art that you can then put into a frame. I wonder how many different leaves you can find and what patterns you make.

Because it’s starting to cool down here in Australia, the night sky is looking really amazing. When I see the next shooting star I will be sure to make a wish that you have the most amazing week.

A special secret just for you is that over the coming months our wonderful Zookeepers will be making heaps of fun videos, have some really cool competitions and my favourite – lots of games you can play. They said everything will be posted by them onto our Facebook Page and they are even going to be doing live videos so you can ask questions, watch me play, being fed and learn all about me and my friends.

Sending all my love from here at Symbio Wildlife Park, Australia.

Millie ‘the Wombat’ xoxoxox

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My Wombat Fun Facts

  • My closest relative is a Koala and if you see what they look like when on all four legs, apart from ears we look very similar
  • During the day I sleep inside a burrow – Like a hollow log
  • If I am scared I will use my bottom to block my burrow and it works like a door. I have a hard plate on my backside to protect me
  • My claws are built for digging and even my pouch faces backwards to stop dirt getting in
  • When I was born I was the size of Jelly bean and wriggled my way to my mother’s pouch
  • I am mainly nocturnal, so am more active at night than during the day
  • My poop is square. Yes that’s right and it allows me to use it to mark my territory without it rolling away
  • I am a herbivore so I only eat vegetation
  • A group of wombats is called a ‘wisdom’
  • Wombats are the world’s largest burrowing animal
  • Despite what I look like, I am actually an amazing swimmer

Click below to watch the funniest video of me.
Yes I may have passed wind and made a smelly. LOL


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