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Pabu the red panda finds true love

Pabu the red panda finds true love

Red Panda Screen SHot
Symbio’s happiest bachelor, Pabu ‘the red panda’ has finally found true love in the form of an adorable little girl named Kesari.

Kesari arrived to Symbio from Taronga Zoo last month as part of an over-arching species management program with the hope that her and Pabu would connect prior to what is considered the one day of the year that red pandas mate, being on winter solstice.

You may ask yourself, why would evolution be so cruel as to make red pandas highest state of oestrous (meaning highest fertility) coincide with the shortest day of the year? Well lucky for Pabu, that the shortest day of the year may have also meant the longest night. Go Pabu! 😉

Keepers at Symbio are confident, with the pairs connection over the past few days and specifically this morning that there has been successful breeding. If the pair are successful in breeding, within around 100 days Symbio will be a buzz with the cutest litter of cubs ever.