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Parks & Gardens Advanced Cleaning Checklist - 2021 (1)

This is the advanced cleaning checklist form to be filled out by Zookeepers for their 7.30am - 9.30am cleaning run.

    To be complete by 9.30 am
    To disinfect objects after use
  • Overview

    TIME OF CLEANS: - All staff areas (inclusive of off-display areas) are to be cleaned in afternoon runs, using disinfectant as the last touchpoint of the day. - All areas visitors have access to are to be cleaned in the morning run, prior to opening at 9.30am. PPE: - Disposable gloves must be worn. - Face masks and eye protection may be required for outdoor use in windy conditions. PERSONAL HYGIENE: - Always wash hands after completing advanced cleaning duties. SOLUTION: - Floral Clean Disinfectant solution. - Dilution rate 20:1 FURTHER INFO: Please refer to the Advanced Cleaning Procedure for more information. * Please note that when selecting the tickboxes, you declare that the tasks have been complete to the highest of standards expected at Symbio Wildlife Park.

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