PAY DISCOVER FORWARD and help kid’s in need Discover a Wild Life

Symbio Wildlife Park is complimenting the NSW Government’s Dine & Discover Scheme, by helping Pay Discover Forward to kids in need through a random act of kindness.
By redeeming your Discover Voucher here, one of five children’s charities will receive 2 x Symbio entry tickets on your behalf

Discover Voucher - Pay-it-forward for Kids in need

  • You can only redeem one NSW Discover Voucher per person, per business, per day. To redeem a second Discover Voucher, please come back tomorrow.
    As our way of paying the love forward, for every online Discover Voucher redemption, Symbio Wildlife Park will be gifting 2 x entry tickets on your behalf to go to children and families in need, within their organisation. That means that you and those most vulnerable in our community get to benefit from getting wild here at Symbio.
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Once you hit submit, your chosen charity will automatically receive 2 x entry tickets to Symbio on your behalf and you will also be issued your own $25 Symbio Discount Ticket.
Please check your emails for your own $25 Symbio Discount Ticket, and your letter of appreciation from your chosen charity.

With the NSW Government’s Dine & Discover initiative being extended by an additional month, Symbio Wildlife Park, has partnered with NSW children’s charities Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation, The Starlight Foundation, Variety, Canteen, and KidsWish to help children in need DISCOVER a Wild Life, and be kids once again.

For children who are sick, disadvantaged, or with a disability and their families, it is so important, now more than ever due to COVID having even more impact on their lives, that they can have a day where they can let their illness, or whatever is going on in their life take a backseat & rediscover the true joy of childhood. What better way than interacting with Wildlife and creating memories that will last a lifetime, with those you treasure the most.

Anyone and everyone who has an unused Discover Voucher can help this goal be achieved and brighten up a child in need’s life, it only takes 30 seconds of their time, the Charities receive 2 x entry tickets on your behalf, you personally receive a $25 Discount Code, and it doesn’t cost you a cent for your random act of kindness or to receive your own Discount Code towards getting wild here at Symbio yourself!

How this all works!
Step 1: Enter in your details which Redeems your Discover Voucher for your own $25 Symbio Discount Ticket
Step 2: Choose one of the five Charities for Symbio to gift 2 x entry tickets on your behalf. This is in addition to your own Discount Voucher you will receive)
Step 4:
 The charity receives 2 x Entry Tickets on your behalf valued at $78 (covering child or adult entry)!
Step 5: You feel amazing for your random act of kindness and still get to receive $25 off your own entry or experience here at Symbio.
Step 6: Children in need get to make wild memories that will last a lifetime.

This Pay-Discover-Forward initiative has been formally approved by the NSW Government 

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