Open Daily | 9.30am - 5.00pm except Christmas Day

Symbio Farmyard

The farmyard which is due to open in Spring 2016 reintroduces what was once Symbio’s most popular attraction and will create a complete “paddock to plate” educational experience.

The Symbio Farmyard will include an amazing collection of baby farm animals for kids to interact with, examples of permaculture and education for all ages to help live a more sustainable life through growing their own produce, composting, worm farming, rainwater harvesting and even keeping your own backyard chickens!

Symbio’s General Manager, Matt Radnidge, explained how the idea for the Symbio Farmyard came about. “We realize that a lot of kids in todays society have lost their connection with nature, with no real understanding of where the food they eat comes from before it gets to the supermarket shelves!

The idea of the Symbio farmyard is to create a fun and interactive way of introducing sustainability as a natural way of life and re-establishing that connection through sensory experiences.

Symbio is proud to partner Tradies on such a beneficial project to the community, which will bring greater engagement, education and family social interaction.”

Tradies CEO Tim McAleer believes the new Symbio Farmyard will benefit the entire Helensburgh community, as well as Symbio and their visitors.

The educational farmyard is part of new partnership between Symbio and the Tradies Group, who took over the former Helensburgh Workers Club (now Tradies Helensburgh) in 2014.