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Symbio is open from 9.30am-5pm daily

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10:30am Meerkat Presentation
11:00am Reptile Presentation
11:30am Koala Presentation
11:45am Koala & Reptile Happy Snaps
12:30pm Cheetah Presentation
1:00pm Dingo Presentation
1:30pm Devil & Echidna Presentation
1:45pm Meerkat Presentation
3:00pm Koala Presentation
3:15pm Koala Happy Snaps
10:30am Meerkat Presentation
11:00am Koala Presentation
11:15am Koala Happy Snaps
11:30am Crocodile Presentation
12:00 noon Cheetah Presentation
12:30pm Reptile Presentation
1:00pm Reptile Happy Snaps
1:15pm Dingo Presentation
1:30pm Farmyard Bottle-Feeding & Sustainability Tour
1:45pm Devil & Echidna Presentation
3:00pm Koala Presentation & Happy Snaps
3:15pm Koala Happy Snaps

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Ph: (02) 4294 1244

International: +61 2 4294 1244

Email: info@symbiozoo.com.au

7-11 Lawrence Hargrave Dr, Helensburgh NSW 2508

Opening Hours:
Open daily: 9:30am – 5pm except Christmas Day


Media and Marketing enquiries only
Kevin Fallon
Marketing and Creative Services Manager
Ph: (02) 4294 1244

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