a feed-tree to
help save

If you’ve ever wanted to want to make a real difference in helping save Koalas from extinction, now you can!

By purchasing a koala feed tree, or trees, your generous donation will help us grow our Koala conservation program here at Symbio, and we will plant one tree per purchase in your honor at one of our Koala Plantations sites around Sydney.

Following the devasting bushfires of 2019/2020 the Koalas were left classified as endangered. Many locations are now geographically extinct. Symbio is working towards furthering our breeding program, but we need your help, because to feed one Koala sustainably for a year it takes upwards of 1,000 trees.

By purchasing a tree for our team to plant at our plantations sites you will be giving the greatest gift of all! Life, and a brighter future!

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