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Ring Tailed Lemurs arrive to Symbio

Ring Tailed Lemurs arrive to Symbio

Synonymous with already being one of the leading wildlife experiences available in the country, Symbio Wildlife Park, located on the Southern outskirts of Sydney, have further expanded on their dynamic range of endangered exotic animals such as Sumatran tigers, monkeys, meerkats and red pandas with the welcomed arrival of four of the cheekiest ring-tailed lemurs you could wish to lay your own eyes on.

Ring-tailed lemurs have become one of the most popular animals in the world due to their prominent role played in Dreamworks, Madagascar movies, and also their unmistakable striped bushy tail which is held up high in the air whilst on the ground so other members of their group know exactly where they are.

What better animal is there to help promote people’s connection and understanding of wildlife than such an adorable and much loved creature? In the wild, ring-tailed lemurs are unfortunately classified as endangered, and are now facing the real possibility of extinction. This is largely in part, like with many others species, due to habitat loss and the illegal pet trade, so captive breeding conservation programs such as this helps to ensure the species survival for the future.

The four males named Kasijy, Kanto (brothers), Julian and Ethan made the journey from two different zoos from around Australia to come to Symbio and have been slowly introduced to each other off exhibit, prior to Zoo Curator, Kylie Elliott giving them the tick of approval to go on exhibit and have some fun in their new bachelor pad, “Lemur Island”.

Symbio’s General Manager, Matt Radnidge on talking about what it meant personally to him on the new arrivals, Matt said; “It is an amazing privilege to be able to be involved in the management program for this iconic species, and to be one of only a handful of Zoos in NSW to care for them”.

With an amazing spring in their step, they couldn’t wait to meet each other and discover every inch of the new Island with this video shows exactly what went down.