Show Times

Daily presentations are temporarily
postponed due to COVID restrictions.


Daily presentations are temporarily postponed due to COVID restrictions.
Zoo Keepers are available throughout the day to assist you with any questions and ensure you still have an educational and fun visit. 

Please note all Animal Feeds and Keeper Presentations are weather and welfare dependent.

All presentations are free to attend once you have paid admission.

Happy Snaps are $20.00 for up to 4 people and include one print. Digital copies are not available.

For further information regarding our Happy Snap Animal Encounter Photos please refer to our Happy Snaps page.

For further information regarding our Behind The Scenes Encounters and ZOOM tours please click on the links.

10:30am Meerkat Presentation
11:00am Reptile Presentation
11:30am Koala Presentation
11:45am Koala & Reptile Happy Snaps
12:30pm Cheetah Presentation
1:00pm Dingo Presentation
1:30pm Devil & Echidna Presentation
1:45pm Meerkat Presentation
3:00pm Koala Presentation
3:15pm Koala Happy Snaps
10:30am Meerkat Presentation
11:00am Koala Presentation
11:15am Koala Happy Snaps
11:30am Crocodile Presentation
12:00 noon Cheetah Presentation
12:30pm Reptile Presentation
1:00pm Reptile Happy Snaps
1:15pm Dingo Presentation
1:30pm Farmyard Bottle-Feeding & Sustainability Tour
1:45pm Devil & Echidna Presentation
3:00pm Koala Presentation & Happy Snaps
3:15pm Koala Happy Snaps

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