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Symbio enriches lives of the Radnidge Family – 13 years on

Tomorrow the Radnidge family celebrates 13 years of owning Symbio Wildlife Park on October 13. Is it  a case of lucky 13 for some…

In their hands, Symbio has become a nationally recognised family-run zoo renowned in the industry for its animal conservation efforts.

The first 12 months of ownership saw many challenges thrown at the family with the most significant being confronted by a severe bushfire during Christmas 2001.

It came within metres of razing the park.

The commitment, passion and energy of a family with a common purpose prevailed and the Radnidges set about building a whole new zoo, one exhibit at a time. Firstly the freshwater crocodile enclosure was created in 2004-05 and was voted by the Australasian Society of Zookeepers as best new exhibit, followed by the creation of a new award winning tiger exhibit in 2010

In 2013 Symbio has embarked on the largest and probably the most significant in the history of the park.  A new Koala Breeding Sanctuary and Reptile House are due to open in time for the summer holidays.

The Radnidge family are true custodians of the Zoo and its wildlife family.  The local community have played such a significant role in the success and survival of the park.

In a wrap up of what owning Symbio has done for the Radnidge family from the words of John Radnidge Managing Director

“ Symbio is a really special place for us. My life has been enriched for the 13 years we have spent here.”

It is this life enrichment, the passion that drives our promise to create special memories and deliver a smile to the faces of everyone who visits Symbio.

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