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Symbio Farmyard is NOW OPEN Wildlife Park, located in Helensburgh on the southern outskirts of Sydney, have opened their much anticipated new Interactive Farmyard this week.

The team at Symbio have launched the farmyard with the cutest of home videos showing toddlers, Chase and Cruise Fallon, getting behind-the-scenes and cuddling up to all their new farmyard friends. From cuddling up to baby goats and lambs, through to ducklings, rabbits and enjoying the large Sunflowers, they definitely look to have had the best day ever.

The farmyard is a culmination of over six months work, and is the family owned and operated zoos biggest and most significant undertaking ever.

Back in the 80’s and 90’s the Farmyard was by far the biggest attraction for the zoo, but due its age, and with the Radnidge family concentrating on ensuring their endangered species management programs including tigers, cheetahs, ring-tailed lemurs red pandas, meerkats and small monkeys took precedence, the farmyard was closed.

After hearing about the vision that Symbio had to make a Farmyard precinct that was one of the largest in Australia, and realising the positive impact that it would have on the community to have such a space, local club group ‘Tradies, partnered with the team at Symbio to help make this vision become a reality.

Marketing and Creative Services Manager for Symbio, Kevin Fallon, said “The Farmyard is already proving to be a big hit with families, and it is great to see how excited all the children are about being able to pat and feed their favourite farmyard animals.” “Experiences like this is what childhood is all about”.