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Conservation Partners

The Illawarra Credit Union offers the “Wildlife Saver Account” in partnership with Symbio Wildlife to help your little ones learn responsibility with their finances and savings while also helping Symbio to look after the wildlife in our care. For more information please contact the Illawarra Credit Union directly.

ARAZPA – The Australasian Regional Association of Zoological Parks & Aquaria

Symbio recently became the first Zoo in Australaisa to successfully complete ARAZPA’s Accreditation Policy. ARAZPA zoos and aquariums strive for excellence in the areas of zoo operation, including animals and species management, conservation, education, research, veterinary care and visitor experience.

ARAZPA supports the efforts of zoos and aquariums in conservation, education and research.
One quarter of all the world’s known species of wildlife are currently threatened with extinction in the wild and Zoos and aquariums are playing a key role in protecting our wildlife for the future.

NSWFMPA – New South Wales Fauna and Marine Parks Association

The NSWFMPA works through government authorities for the enhancement and development of animal welfare standards for Fauna and Marine Parks throughout the state of New South Wales. Symbio is a foundation member of the NSWFMPA.

Symbio also works to provide products that are environmentally friendly, that are Palm Oil free where possible, that are Australian Made or that are involved in supporting assorted conservation projects.