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Gomez wants a wife

The ultimate bachelor finally finds true love

The ultimate bachelor finally finds true love

IMG_0183Symbio Wildlife Parks ultimate bachelor has finally found true love, and he had to go in search across the Tasman to find her.

Symbio Wildlife Park’s smallest monkey, Gomez ‘the pygmy marmoset’  has finally found his perfect match thanks to the help of Symbio matchmakers (keepers), who set out on an mission to end the pint sized primates bachelor ways and find him that special someone to grow old with.

It goes without saying that a handsome young man like Gomez isn’t short of admirers, but finding him a perfect match was no easy feat. It took the team at Symbio reaching out across the Tasman to their New Zealand neighbours at Wellington Zoo, who are also part of the international pygmy marmoset breeding program, to find her.

So who is this mystery girl that will finally tame the ways of Symbio’s ultimate bachelor? Her name is Iti, and she is simply adorable.

Iti flew into Australia from Wellington in May, deciding to have a brief Queensland bachelorette holiday for quarantine prior to making the final leg of her journey South to Sydney next week, to meet her one and only. Zoo keepers are hopeful that it will be love at first sight for Gomez and Iti, who will now start to build a life together in their picturesque home at Symbio.

Staff at Symbio want nothing more than to see sparks to fly between these two lovebirds, and hope to see babies in the not too distant future. And let’s face it, can you just imagine how ridiculously adorable baby marmosets would be!

Pygmy marmosets are the worlds smallest monkey and one of the smallest primates, weighing in at just 100g fully grown. Their body is only 12-15cm in length with their tails being actually longer than body. This serves two purposes, first is to provide balance whilst racing around the rooftop of the rainforest canopy and second is to make them look larger than they actually are to deter potential predators. Breeding programs such as this helps to ensure the survival of endangered species and forms just one of the zoos 23 existing conservation programs.

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