Funnel-Web Spider Drop Off Point

Symbio Wildlife Park are proud to announce we are now working as a Sydney and South Coast Funnel-Web Spider drop off point for our friends at the Australian Reptile Park.

If you find a Funnel-Web spider around your home, the first thing you need to do is make sure that everyone is safe. If you have the ability to safely collect the spider, you can bring it up to Symbio or any other drop off point, where it will then be transported to the Australian Reptile Park for use within their life saving anti-venom program.
How to safely collect a spider!

The safest way to collect a funnel-web spider is by using either a long stick, ruler or other object of length and gently persuading it into a secure container. This can either be a sturdy Tupperware container with snap tight/screw top lid, or even a jar with screw top lid. Glass jars may be used, though it is usually safer to stick to sturdy plastic containers, to alleviate any dangers of dropping the jar or it breaking during transport, causing the spider to escape.
Once the spider is secure, you can bring it to Symbio Wildlife Park and we will take the spider into care until transfer to the Australian Reptile Park.
* Below information provided by the Australian Reptile Park

What you need to know about spiders

There are five spiders that regularly cause concern to members of the public in this area. Of these only the funnel-webs and red-backs are currently considered dangerous though there are others, such as mouse spiders, which are rarely encountered but potentially dangerous. Any spider larger in size than a dollar coin should be treated with respect, as all spiders have venom glands, though only the large species have fangs able to puncture human skin.

The following safety rules apply to all spiders:

  • Do not leave clothes, shoes, towels, etc. on the floor
  • Check shoes before putting them on
  • Do not walk about at night without footwear
  • Do not handle spiders that appear to have drowned in pools, buckets, etc.
  • Wear gloves when gardening or working outside

For more information on identification of spiders, click here

First Aid

  • Keep the bite victim calm and immobile.
  • For a funnel-web bite, apply a pressure-immobilization bandage to the bite site and the adjacent limb. For example, a bite on the finger should be treated by bandaging the entire arm. Further restrict movement by applying a splint.
  • For a red-back bite, the only first aid required is the application of an ice pack to the bite site to reduce the pain.
  • Seek emergency medical assistance immediately.
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