This checklist is designed to ensure we are all adhering to our advanced cleaning schedules and Symbio is maintained to the highest of standards.

Zookeepers / Parks & Gardens Cleaning Checklist - 2020

This is the advanced cleaning checklist form to be filled out by Zookeepers and Parks & Gardens Team members

  • Please note that by selecting any/or/ all of the below you declare that it has been done to the high standard expected at Symbio Wildlife Park.
  • Overview

    Being a high traffic area with many visitors and staff being present throughout the day, all Park staff areas must be cleaned in accordance with the Advanced Cleaning Schedules (see attached). All staff must be mindful of personal hygiene practices and ensure hands are regularly washed and sanitised throughout the day. Hand sanitiser has been made available for all staff. Staff must ensure that appropriate cleaning equipment and products are used to ensure cleaning is effective. The appropriate cleaning product (Floral Clean) has been made available for your use and you have been trained in its proper use and storage in the staff/food prep area. Please refer to the COVIDSafe Workplace Employee Training for more information and notify your manager if any supplies are running low with enough time for orders to be placed and received. The attached Cleaning Schedules together cover 4 main areas that require advanced cleaning be performed. These areas are; 1. Staff areas 2. Exhibits and their surrounds 3. Happy Snaps & Encounters 4. Adventure Playground and Splash Park Frequency of cleaning required The attached schedules provide 2 hour windows for cleans to be done. The cleaning schedule must be performed twice a day as a minimum. Some items, such as; Cameras, radios, food preparation tools and lunch table(s) are to be cleaned after each use.

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